Danica Ivanovska Lepojevikj

As an Integral Growth Mentor, I guide multi-passionate individuals to overcome every personal, professional, and spiritual challenge without giving away their power. I remind them to claim back their integrity, inner serenity and personal responsibility and start using every event in their life as a stepping stone to uncompromised self-realization.

I believe in highly personalized growth practice, mundane magic, everyday spirituality, and merging ancient wisdom with urban living. Over my 20-year career, I integrate my vast knowledge in different disciplines - as psychologist, integral yoga teacher, doula, breastfeeding counselor, poet, human rights in childbirth activist and qualitative research specialist - to provide a spherical approach to personal development. My genius is transforming general theoretical concepts into tailored-made functional and practical growth methodology.

As a Holistic Birth&Motherhood Mentor one of my highly specialized “passion project” is supporting pregnant women and new mothers to conquer any emotional doubts, institutional obstacles, and social pressure. 8,5 years back, I become a mother of a wonderful girl Iskra (Spark in Macedonian) which made me even more sensitive to women's needs in general.

Integral Growth Mentor

A little bit of history...

After being a member, but also founded a couple of NGO's and Yoga centers, In 2020, Danica founded Astarta Wellbeing Academy with a focus on Yoga & Spirituality and Birthing & Parenting, the first online course/service platform on these topics in Macedonia. 

As an advocate for human rights in childbirth and the importance of natural birth and breastfeeding, she has worked with various Macedonian and international NGOs, government bodies, and companies to change how her country treats birthing women and babies. 

She has been featured in national Macedonia TV, Telma TV, Sitel TV, MRT, and radio stations, newspapers, and magazines such as Nova Makedonija, Vecer, Face-to-Face, Kompletna, Beauty and Health, and in international media, including Medium. 

Danica is also a speaker, poetry performer, and author. She has written two award-winning books of poetry: "Shine and fear and poems" (2016) and "Residences".

Recently, on her great pleasure, Danica became a Mindvalley Ambassador.

Speaking and performing

As featured on TV and Radio

As featered in newspapers and magazines