We see integrity, power, courage and serenity

Intertwining filaments of beauty, knowledge, wisdom and magic in every single one of us!

Astarta Wellbeing Academy honors an integral approach to life. Combining science and ancient wisdom, Astarta is a place where urban living utilizes traditional concepts. We do not believe in accepting unified methods that "provenly" work, but in a deep personal self-understanding. Only when we understand how our "system" functions emotionally, mentally, and socially can we make the right choice of "tools" for our development and achieve lasting effects and changes. That is why we insist on self-knowledge and building a unique system of practices and philosophies that will enable the specific person to face life challenges and use them for continuous development. Providing tailor-made, online, and offline counseling, coaching, and education, we serve your personal and spiritual growth needs in different periods of life. And we have your self-realization, authenticity, serenity, freedom and integrity as ultimate goals.

Empowering birth

ON MY OWN TERMS (8 weeks 1on1 mentoring)

Pregnancy can be a new, big, bright, heroic, great, wise, beautiful period of a woman’s life! But also - a little bit tough, too! Of course, it is magical, but it is not always "rainbows and unicorns", right? Let's make your inner calmness, wisdom, and joyfulness the foundation of your empowering birthing story!

Building after-birth life


What will my life look like after childbirth? Will my life, as I know it, cease to exist? This is one of the most common and active fears among women who have decided to become mothers. Followed by feelings of isolation, loss of power and control, disconnection with oneself. Let this be new beginning - start building your new life from scratch

ON DEMAND - tailored according to the woman's needs

Overcoming challenges


(6 weeks 1on1 Intensive)

You are feeling stuck, anxious, overpowered, confused, not prepared. Dwelling over events that you can not completely comprehend. Maybe scared, but sure that there is more after this sticky confusion. You know, it is not about the situation itself, it is about the way that we are approaching it - career changing, friendship ending, illness, marriage turmoil, children leaving, death. Let's find that one way that is always on point and doing the work - your own!

Designing personal growth practice

Abhyasa&Vairagya based (6weeks small group process)

Lay the foundations of your daily growth pursuit by clearly defining the process of selforganization and personal responsibility. Understand the effects of your life conditions on your development and choose appropriate techniques and philosophical concepts that will back it up. But most importantly, "shake" your reason for working on yourself, "update" it and renew your faith in this process.

Design your growth practice is coming in September!

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Intertwining worlds

ENTERING MY OWN (6 weeks small group process)

We all live in a multiverse of intertwining worlds with our inner as a foundation. But, through the process of growing, it is most accurate that we will forget the path to that one. Which results in confusing disconnectedness from the basic fabric of our being. That filament net of magic, curiosity, greatness, openness, meaning, and beautiful centredness, that makes us a part of this vast cosmos in the most genuine way. Let us activate the craftsmanship hidden in our body and mind; let us become inspired by the literature, music, and art; let us pursue knowledge in philosophy and science. Let us make every moment extraordinary while dancing our time of life on this Earth.

Intertwining worlds is coming soon!

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Danica Ivanovska Lepojevikj, founder

As an Integral Growth Mentor, I guide multi-passionate individuals to overcome every personal, professional, and spiritual challenge without giving away their power. I remind them to claim back their integrity, inner serenity and personal responsibility and start using every event in their life as a stepping stone to uncompromised self-realization.

I believe in highly personalized growth practice...

Danica Ivanovska Lepojevikj