First things first - You are pregnant!

CONGRATULATIONS on this new, big, bright, heroic, great, wise, beautiful period of your life!

It is awesome, right!? Waiting to hold your baby in your arms, preparing for her/his arrival, becoming a better person just so you can take care of her/him. in the best possible way!


Being able to give birth to a new soul, bring a new life to this world!!!  


And a little bit tough... 

Of course, it is magical, but it is not always "rainbows and unicorns", right?

All the decisions that have to be made, all the questions that pop-up over and over in our heads, the fears, and doubts in our hearts... And that overwhelmedness! Oh, there are a plethora of emotions - joy, sadness, happiness, anger... And then the waiting - before every medical check-up, for the results afterward, to finally hold our baby in our arms... 

And the clock is ticking... We should arrange everything at home, at our workplace, with our colleagues, with our family.. to buy stuff, to learn things, to exercise, to meditate, to talk to the baby, to pay much-needed attention to our first child, to our partner, organize things for when baby arrives... 

Oh, and find time to resolve the dilemmas - what kind of childbirth I want, what to do if the medical staff won't listen to my needs and wishes, am I strong enough to give birth, am I strong enough to be a mother, what kind of a mother will I be (huh, just not like...), would I breastfeed, what if postpartum depression kicks in, how will my new life look like, will I lose it - the Life?, what about fun, and sex, and what about my body - will my partner still want me, love me?!... will I still be loving myself...? 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone by your side?

Someone who can listen and who genuinely cares, who can offer unconditional support.

  • Coaching

    Someone who can talk you through the potential drawbacks and reflect objective insight back to you.

  • Support

    Someone who can make you listen and appreciate yourself, and believe in yourself.

  • Education

    And who can offer professional advice, tips, and answers when needed.

Because you have the right to:

  • FEEL ACCEPTED - get the support and understanding you need

  • BE ENCOURAGED - to address your fears and doubts, face them and overcome them

  • RELAX - achieve calm and relaxation as you prepare for childbirth and what follows

  • LEARN - to adopt all the necessary information about childbirth, breastfeeding, attachment, the postpartum period

So, how can I be of service?

If you think that warm support and expert guidance from someone who has been where you are now can come in handy while you are going through what scares, surprises, saddens, and rejoices you… If you need free and nonjudgmental space for sharing and exploring your thoughts, feelings, fears, dreams, insecurities, and expectations… If you need science-based answers, rather than Fb groups chit-chats... If you sense that your inner calmness, relaxation, and joyfulness are the foundation of your empowering birthing story... If you feel that a little encouragement and cheering from someone who believes in you even in moments when you may doubt yourself can make a difference…  

I support, hold hand, guide, educate, inform, help discover and deepen your isight

And, if you are ready, through fully personalized work according to your needs to:

  • Face, overcome, and diminish your fears

  • Connect with your baby and visualize your childbirth

  • Get ready for potential baby blues and plan your postpartum period

  • Better understand your new roles and structure your reality according to your needs

  • Establish a better relationship with yourselves, with your baby, and the partner.

I would be honored to be by your side

9 weeks 1on1 bespoken Mentoring program so you will map your childbirth, create your motherhood, and remember to love your womanhood

  • Deep coaching

    8 (60 minutes each) 1on1 in-depth sessions (across weeks)

  • Indepth understanding

    themed workbooks to cover all important aspects of birth&birth preparation and postpartum

  • Focused mind

    guidelines for concentration technics practice and prerecorded materials

  • Joyfull heart

    "Pink mornings" - 28 days journal for joy in your heart and serenity in your mmind

  • Courageous support

    deep understanding of your struggle and gentle, but firm pushing to overcome it

  • BONUS - science-based counseling

    get answer on all your Qs about birth, attachment, breastfeeding and postpartum

PRICE - One-time payment of 1254$

or Two separate installments of 657$

Book your free 30-minutes Joy&Clarity session on the link below so I can serve you and we can see if we are a match. 

Book your Joy&Clarity session here!

Just a bit about myself...

Danica Ivanovska Lepojevikj, Holistic Birth&Moterhood Mentor

Hi, my name is Danica Ivanovska Lepojevikj and I am a Holistic Birth&Motherhood Mentor. I guide pregnant women to overcome all emotional challenges on their birthing journey without giving away their power. With my support, you will discover how to conquer any institutional obstacles and social pressure on your way to fulfilling motherhood. And how to embody the new era in your womanhood, with serenity and joy.

By education, I am a psychologist with psychotherapeutic background, integral yoga instructor, a doula, and breastfeeding counselor. As a human rights activist for women and babies in childbirth, and a pioneer in the holistic, natural, and human approach to birthing, breastfeeding, and mother&baby caring in my country, I have worked with Macedonian government bodies and various Macedonian and international NGOs and companies. Over 1000 women and their partners found their place, knowledge, and a piece of peace in my lectures, yoga classes, workshops, seminars, online and offline education, and sessions. Although I work on the holistic growth of my clients for more than 20 years, my pregnancy, birth, and motherhood-related work started 9 years ago with the pregnancy with my wonderful little girl Iskra (Spark in Macedonian). Yes, I am a proud mom, too <3