First things first - How are you?!

You are feeling stuck, anxious, overpowered, confused, not prepared. Dwelling over events that you can not completely comprehend. Maybe scared, but sure that there is more after this sticky confusion. Sensing resolving, peace and clarification. And although anticipating hard times, you are willing to pursue them.  

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are on your way to growth! 

You are facing a new phase in your life, perhaps completely unknown to you, and you really have the desire and the will to go through it. You even have a clear picture of where you want to go, what you want your life to look like after you go through all the challenges. But that is not enough. You are still tied up in the same place, failing to see the most appropriate direction and make a decision to move on.  

Various circumstances may contribute to this feeling:

  • Your vision is compromised by what is acceptable in your environment, it differs from the usual patterns

  • Your loved ones really want to help but do not have an ear for your true and deep feelings

  • You are suffocated by strongly imposed social standards, which don’t feel like your own

  • A lot of information is available to you, but they are often contradictory

  • Everyone says you have to move on with your life in a certain way, but you disagree with that, even when the suggestions are good

No matter the life phase you are in, no matter the obstacles you are experiencing, it is very useful to bear in mind that it is not about the situation itself. It is about the way that we are approaching situations and their defiances.


And one more important thing to bear in mind - there is this one way that is always on point and doing the work: YOUR OWN! 

Even if you are facing something that thousands of women have faced before or are facing now, you don’t need predesigned methodology. No matter if it is career changing, friendship ending, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum depression, breastfeeding dilemmas, illness – yours or of others, marriage turmoil, children leaving to college, new interest/hobby pursuit, death of a close one, etc.

Your situation is always unique and only you, in your most personalized and authentic way, can find the right answer.

But, there are a couple of main HOW-s here:

  • How to remember and find it within you again

  • How to be objective and authentic about it

  • How to trust it and trust yourselves

  • How to activate it and follow-through

  • How to own it and not forget it

So, how can I be of service?

I have created this 6 weeks package particularly for women facing a challenging situation in their life, going through a foggy period, standing in front of a dilemma, or being stuck at a crossroad not knowing which way is the best way.  

With my support you will:

  • Get a detailed picture of your situation – no shadow corners, no more lurking anxiety

  • Understand the relationship to other segments of your life – how they impact each other

  • Draw your roadmap out – be clear on what to change, how to adjust, and where to grow

  • Decide on the steps you are going to take and play along

  • Not give your power away, keep your serenity, and cherish your joyfulness on the way

Let me guide you

Highly personalized, teilored-made INTENSIVE for you to face, understand and conquer actual turning points in this given period of your life.

  • Deep coaching

    6 (60 minutes each) 1on1 in-depth sessions (across 6 weeks)

  • Personal expresion

    “Mapping your way out” workbook/journal

  • Focused mind

    2 pre-recorded guided concentration technics

  • Joyfull heart

    yoga-based tools and guidelines for insight, wisdom, and serenity

  • Courageous support

    deep understanding of your struggle and gentle, but firm pushing to overcome it

PRICE - One-time payment of 954$

Book your free 30-minutes Joy&Clarity session on the link below so I can serve you and we can see if we are a match. 

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Just a bit about myself...

Danica Ivanovska Lepojevikj, Integral Growth Mentor

I guide multi-passionate individuals to overcome every personal, professional, and spiritual challenge without giving away their power.

I believe in highly personalized growth practice, mundane magic, everyday spirituality, and merging ancient wisdom with urban living. Over my 20-year career, I integrate my vast knowledge in different disciplines - as psychologist, integral yoga teacher, doula, breastfeeding counselor, poet, and qualitative research specialist - to provide a spherical approach to personal development....